BKSAP Calls for International Parliament Supports to Oppose Israel’s Annexation

01-07-2020 / B.K.S.A.P.

The Committee for Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation of the Indonesian House (BKSAP) called for international parliamentarian supports to repudiate and strongly oppose Israel’s plan to annex some parts of the Palestinian territories. Efforts to mobilize these supports coincided with the International Day of Parliamentarism on 30 June 2020. Indonesian House would always support an independent and sovereign State of Palestine, said BKSAP Chair Fadli Zon.


“Indonesia’s position on the issue is clear. We have been supporting Palestinian independence and this is reflected in Indonesia’s diplomacy,” said Mr. Zon in a press briefing on the issue at House’s Media Center in Nusantara III Building, Jakarta, Wednesday (1/7/2020). Among those attending the event were Palestinian Ambassador to Indonesia Zuhair Al-Shun, Director General for Multilateral Cooperation of the Foreign Affairs Ministry Febrian A. Ruddyard, and leaders of BKSAP.


Mr. Zon went on to say that Israel’s latest plan to annex 30 percent of the Palestine’s West Bank and Jordan Valley territories was unacceptable, and a violation of international law. The annexation also violates UN Security Council Resolution 242 (1967) and 338 (1973), which calls for the withdrawal of Israeli armed forces from the territories, including West Bank, which were occupied through the Six-Day War in 1967.


Furthermore, Mr. Zon, who is also a Member of Commission I (defense, information, and foreign affairs) of the Indonesian House, cautioned that the worst impact of the annexation will be on the future of the state of Palestine. Combined with past annexations, it will further reduce the Palestinian territory. As pointed out in President Trump recent proposal, Palestine will be left with just 15% of the territory than what it previously have control over prior to Israel’s occupation.


In line with the statement, the Indonesian Parliament called upon regional and international communities to lend their political support for the materialization and recognition of an independent and sovereign State of Palestine by, inter alia, recognizing the State of Palestine as an independent state and terminating diplomatic relations with Israel. “Moreover, we should continue to bring the Palestinian issues to light in international forums, strengthen bilateral cooperation with Palestine in various fields, and provide humanitarian assistance to the refugees and residents of Gaza Strip who are still living under blockade,” the Great Indonesian Movement Party (Gerindra) politician asserted.


Mr. Zon also urged the resolution of Palestine-Israel conflict in a fair and objective manner based on global rules-based order to achieve lasting international stability and security. He believed that the international community's failure to prevent the recent threat of annexation posed by Israel against the West Bank and Jordan Valley is a bad precedent for the future of international relations.


On the same occasion, Vice Chair of the Committee for Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation, Mr. Mardani Ali Sera, delivered a joint statement, which was initiated by the Indonesian Parliament through its Committee for Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation, strongly repudiating Israel’s annexation plan over Palestinian territory. To demonstrate its solidarity with the Palestinian people, the Indonesian House is committed to fully support all international and regional diplomatic endeavours to establish comprehensive, just, and everlasting peace in the Middle East based on relevant UN Resolutions and other internationally agreed parameters.


The Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) politician continued by saying that the joint statement has gained support from more than 200 MPs from various countries, including Turkey, Jordan, USA, Maldives, Kuwait, Qatar, Algeria, Morocco, Ghana, Brazil, Tunisia, Finland, Mauritania, Austria, Poland, Belgium, Tajikistan, UK, Libya, Italy, South Africa, and many others. (ann/sf)


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