Complementary Organs

Committee for Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation

The Committee for Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation is formed by the House and constitutes as a standing complementary organ of the House.

The composition and membership of the Committee for Inter-Parliamentary Cooperationare determined by the House in the Plenary Meeting in proportion to and for the proportion of an even distribution of the number of members faction.

The Committee for Inter-Parliamentary Cooperationhas the duties to

  • among other things, develop, foster and improve friendly and cooperative relationships between the House and the parliaments of other countries, both in a bilateral and multilateral context, including internal organizations of parliaments and/or Members of parliament;
  • make all preparations related to the visit of delegations of other countries' parliaments as the House guests;
  • evaluate and follow up the results of performance of Committee for Inter-Parliamentary Cooperationtasks, especially those of the visits by House delegations to foreign countries;
  • and offer recommendations or present motions to the Leadership of the House on inter-parliamentary cooperation matters.


In performing its duties, the Committee for Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation may:

  • consult any parties deemed necessary on any matters, which are within the scope of its duties;
  • make contacts with the parliaments of other countries and international organizations upon the assignment or consent of the Leadership of the House.


Leaders of the Committee for Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation are as follows :

Chairperson        : Dr. Fadli Zon (Great Indonesia Movement Party)

Vice chairperson :  1. Charles Honoris (Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle)

                                2. Putu Supadma Rudana (Democrat Party)

                                3. Dr. Mardani (Prosperious Justice Party)

                                4. Achmad Hafisz Tohir (National Mandate Party)


Head of Beurau of the Committee : Endah TD Retnoastuti