Complementary Organs

Legislation Committee

The Legislation Committee serves as the center of national legislations/laws activities formed by the House as a standing complementary organ of the House .


The composition of membership of the Legislation Committee is determined by the House at a Plenary Meeting on the basis of proportion to and for the even of distribution of the number of Members of each faction.


The Legislation Committee has the tasks among other things:

  • to prepare the national legislation program which includes the list of bills for one term of office of the House and priorities for each Budgetary Year;
  • and to prepare Bills initiated by the House on the basis of specified priority programs;
  • to harmonize, finalization and consolidation of conceptual Bills presented by Members, Commissions, or Joint Commissions, prior to delivery to the Leadership of the House ;
  • to hold deliberations on, amendment/ improvement Bills which are specifically assigned by the Steering Committee.


In the performance of its tasks, the Legislation Committee may establish coordination and consultation with the Government, Regional Representative Council (DPD), Constitutional Court (MK), Supreme Court (MA) or other parties deemed necessary concerning the matters which do not belong to its scope of duties through the Leadership of the House .