Complementary Organs

Household Committee

The Household Committee is formed by the House and constitutes a standing complementary organ of the House. The composition of membership of the House is determined by the House in a Plenary Meeting in proportion to and for the purpose of an even distribution of the number of Members of each Faction.


The Household Committee has the tasks to, among other things, assist the Leadership of the House in making policy on Household affairs, including the welfare of Members and employees of the Secretariat General; assist the Leadership of the House in supervising. the performance of tasks and duties by the Secretariat General; and assist the Leadership of the House in supervising the performance and management of House budgets, undertake other matters related to Household matters as assigned by the Leadership of the House based on the results of Steering Committee Meetings. The Household Committee may seek necessary information and data from the Secretariat General.


The Household Committee submits a written report for at least every Session Year to the Leadership of the House. The Household Committee makes an inventory of all issues at the end of the membership term of office, either having been decided or still outstanding, for use by the Household Committee as a part of the agenda for the subsequent membership term of office.