Complementary Organs

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is formed by the House as a standing complementary organ of the House. The composition of membership of the Conduct Council is determined by the House in a Plenary Meeting in proportion to and for the purpose of an even distribution of the number of Members of each Faction. Members of the Ethics Committee 17 (seventeen) people. The Ethics Committee has the tasks to, among other things:


  1. Investigate and verify the complaints against members to their inability to , perform tasks continually or permanent impediment as Members; no longer meeting the requirements of Member candidates as set out in the General Elections Law; breach of promise/oath, Code of Ethics, and/or non-performance of obligations as Members; or breach of regulation on the prohibition of dual (concurrent) positions as provided for in the provisions of laws and regulations. 
  2. make a decision on the results of investigations and verifications and submit it to the Leadership of the House. 


The Ethics Committee has the authority to: summon the Members concerned to present information and defend themselves against alleged breaches; and summon informants, witnesses and/or other related parties to be enquired, including to provide documents or other evidence.  Following the implementation of investigations and verifications of the complaints, evidence as well as witnesses, the Conduct Council may apply sanctions in the form of the following :   


  1. Written reprimands submitted by the Leadership of the CIPR to the Members Concerned. 
  2. Removal from the Leadership of the House or the Leadership of the House complementary organs or Members submitted to the Leadership of the DPR to be read out in the Plenary Meeting. 
  3. Removal as House Members submitted by the Leadership of the House to the President to be legalized and then such Presidential decree shall be submitted by the Leadership of the House to the Members concerned. 


The Ethics Committee may decide a rehabilitation decision, if the Members complained are proven not in violation of laws and regulations and Code of Ethics announced in the Plenary Meeting and such decision shall be distributed to all Members of Parliament.