Bill on Job Creation Advised to be Deliberated by Legislation Committee

02-04-2020 / KOMISI IX

As the formation of a Special Committee requires a long time and with every committee in the House of Representatives is now focusing on mitigating Covid-19, a Bill on Job Creation in the Omnibus Law concept can better be deliberated by the Legislative Committee (Badan Legislasi/Baleg) of the House of Representatives instead of in a Special Committee.


“In my opinion, Baleg is the right standing committee in the House to deliberate the Bill on Job Creation, since it covers many areas for deliberation. Of all 79 Laws that will be compiled, there are also 11 clusters that will lead to detailed and lengthy deliberation,” said Saleh Partaonan Daulay, a Member of Commission IX of the House in his press release, Thursday (2/4/2020).


The Vice Chair of the National Mandate Party (PAN) went on saying that the formation of a Special Committee, must accommodate all representatives from all factions in the House. “In such a difficult situation like this, it is not easy to form a Special Committee. Baleg has all the materials and those materials have ever been deliberated. So, it will be easier for Baleg to deliberate the bill,” he said.


The legislator from the North Sumatra II electoral district added “As Baleg has all representatives of factions, there is no need to form a special committee that represents all factions in the House. Deliberation of the bill can take place with all of those representatives.”


“PAN has no principal objection whether Baleg or Special Committee that will deliberate the bill. We consider that Omnibus Law on Job Creation is crucial. However, we are currently focusing our attention and trying to do our best to deal with Covid-19,” concluded the Vice Chair of the Ethics Council of the House.

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