House Speaker to Push for Postponement of Deliberation of Manpower Cluster of Omnibus Bill

23-04-2020 / PIMPINAN

Speaker of the House Dr. (H.C.) Puan Maharani stated that she, along with the other Leaders of the House of Representatives, would urge the House’ Legislation Committee to delay the deliberation of Manpower Cluster of the Omnibus Bill on Job Creation. With the delay, she added, there would be more time to absorb people’s aspirations on the issue.


Maharani said, considering Ramadan is coming, she would ask Legislation Committee to focus on clusters that could be deliberated in a short period of time. She expressed that on Thursday (23/4/2020) in Nusantara III building after distributing basic commodities aid from the House to employees and people living around the parliamentary complex.


“On 12 May 2020, Insya Allah (God willing) the House will end its sitting period. Therefore, we still need to listen to people’s aspirations and input in relation to the deliberation of Omnibus Bill on Job Creation. As for clusters that still need further deliberation and more people’s aspiration, we will ask Legislation Committee to delay the deliberation,” stated Maharani.


On the other hand, in relation to the government regulation in lieu of law (Perppu) Number 1 of 2020 on State Budget Policy and Financial System Stability for Handling COVID-19, Maharani explained that in accordance with the prevailing laws, the House has ninety days to discuss or to give its approval to the Perppu.


“We have received the draft of Perppu Number 1 of 2020. According to the prevailing law, the House has ninety days to deliberate it or to give its approval. We will of course give response based on the existing mechanism,” Maharani said.


“In addition to that, until now, I, together with all Leaders and MPs of the House are still carrying out our constitutional duties, while adhering to health protocol in every House’s commission.” Maharani emphasized. “So, all duties in every commission are carried out while adhering to the Coronavirus Alert Procedures according to the Standing Orders in each commission. While undertaking its parliamentary activities virtually, the House still focuses on handling Covid-19 outbreak in each commission,” concluded the politician from the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle.


Wearing face masks as part of the health protocol, three Vice Speakers of the House, M. Azis Syamsuddin, Sufmi Dasco Ahmad, and Rachmat Gobel; Vice Chairperson of the Household Committee, Achmad Dimyati Natakusumah; Vice Chairperson of Commission I, Utut Adianto; Secretary General of the House, Indra Iskandar as well as officials and staffs of the Secretariat General of the House were among the attendees in the press conference.

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