Commission VII: Mineral and Coal Mining Bill Was Prepared a Long Time Ago

11-05-2020 / KOMISI VII

Chair of the Mineral and Coal Mining Bill Working Committee of Commission VII (energy, mineral resources, research and technology, and environmental affairs) of the Indonesian House, Bambang Wuryanto, stresses that the bill was prepared a long time ago. The List of Problems (Daftar Inventarisasi Masalah: DIM), which include comments and proposed revisions to the bill’s articles, has also been discussed since 2016. By the end of the 2014-2019 sitting period, as many as 938 problems were identified. This statement dismisses the argument that the bill was deliberated hurriedly by the House and Government. 


"It is not true that the deliberation of the bill is rushed by the Members of the House. Whoever says the process is too fast certainly doesn’t understand how lawmaking procedures are carried out. You need to understand something before passing any judgment," said Wuryanto in the the First Level Deliberation of the bill, which was held virtually, with Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Ministry of Industry, and Ministry of Finance, on Monday (11/5/ 2020). 


The Indonesian Democratic Party of struggle (PDI-P) politician added that many of the identified problems discussed with the Government were apparently of similar nature. Among the 938 problems, 29 remained to be solved. To this end, the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs assigned 5 ministers to synchronize relevant provisions of the bill at today’s meeting. Wuryanto also stressed that the Indonesian House as a legislative body is currently carrying out its lawmaking duty in this regard. 


Moreover, the Working Committee, whose task is to synchronize perceptions and address the List of Problems with the government, has been established since February 2020. “Indonesia is built upon the principles of Pancasila, and thus everything has to be in harmony. We discuss everything thoroughly to enable the general public to understand the process. If the public witness an unlawful practice, then they should file a judicial review instead of broadcasting it through Whatsapp messages,” Wuryanto expressed. 


The Deputy Chair of Commission VII of the Indonesian House, who represents Middle Java constituency, maintained that the request to put off the deliberation of the Bill was an act of terror to the Indonesian House because the Committe followed the proper mechanism according to the law-making procedures. At the time this article was written, the meeting between the Working Committee and the government was still ongoing. Among the scheduled agenda were delivery of comments and revision from political party groups and ministries, followed by decision-making. (ayu/sf) 


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