Pancasila Ideology Bill approved as House-proposed Initiative

12-05-2020 / PARIPURNA

The Pancasila Ideology (five principles of Indonesian foundational philosophy) Bill is approved as a House-proposed initiative during the Plenary Session of the Indonesian House of Representatives. The approval was obtained after nine factions submitted their opinions in writing to the House Leaders. Prior to submission to Plenary Session, the bill was passed by Legislation Committee Session, where representatives of factions expressed their views and input on the draft bill.

“Now I would like to ask the honorable Members of Parliament if the factions’ proposal, based on the recommendation of Legislation Committee, to approve the Pancasila Ideology Bill as the House-proposed bill?” the House Speaker, Dr. (H.C.) Puan Maharani, asked all the House Members during the Plenary Session, which was held simultaneously both online and in person in Nusantara Building, Parliamentary Compound, Jakarta, Tuesday (12/5/2020).

All the attending House Members unanimously expressed their approval of the Bill. Currently, there is no law that regulates Pancasila Ideology as the guiding principles for the life of the nation and state, and thus necessitating the formulation of the Bill.

The Ideology of Pancasila is a set principles meant to guide the state in mapping out and carrying out its plan, implementation, and evaluation of national development policies, which encompass the political, law, economic, social, cultural, mental, spritual, defence, and security aspects. The principles embodied in Pancasila are based on science and technology and serve as the general guidelines for all Indonesian citizens and residents.

The state administrators and public in general need the Pancasila Ideology Bill as a framework on which their thoughts and actions are based to achieve Indonesian National Goal for an independent, united, and sovereign state where a just and prosperous community live in harmony.

In the plenary, the representatives of the political party factions who delivered their written comments on the bill to the House Leaders were Sturman Panjaitan (The Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle/PDI-P), Ferdiansyah (Golkar Party), Hendrik Lewerissa (Gerindra Party), Fauzi H Amro (National Democrat Party/NasDem Party), Neng Eem Marhamah Zulfa (National Awakening Party/PKB), Herman Khaeron (Democrat Party), Bukhori (Prosperous Justice Party/PKS), Guspardi Gaus (National Mandate Party/PAN) and Syamsurizal (United Development Party/PPP).

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