COVID-19 Task Force Appreciates Health Protocol Implementation at Soetta Airport

23-05-2020 / PIMPINAN

The Indonesian House’s COVID-19 Task Force Coordinator Sufmi Dasco Ahmad said he appreciated health protocols implemented at the Soekarno-Hatta (Soetta) International Airport to anticipate the spread of coronavirus, hoping for steady and proper implementation of the protocols as people adapt to a new life or new normal.

“We appreciate everyone involved at the airport. Recently we saw a clip of travellers queuing into the terminal that went viral, but today (the situation is better) because there are fewer travellers and safety procedures on the handling of COVID-19 have also been maintained. Travelers’ documents and health have been strictly checked,” Ahmad told reporters on Saturday (23/5/2020).

The House Vice Speaker for Economic and Financial Affairs explained some procedures implemented at the Soetta Airport, including certain spots where travellers had to stand and sit, and follow medical check procedures. If they are found to show COVID-19 symptoms, they will immediately be quarantined. “Everything has been properly implemented,” said the Gerindra politician.

Dasco reminded all airlines to implement strict regulation in dealing with COVID-19 mitigation protocol as Garuda Indonesia airlines did. "We just had a conversation with a crew of Garuda Indonesia, which had set up a procedure to regulate the number of passengers, safe distance between passengers, and on-board seating arrangement. We hope other airlines will soon follow suit, "he said.

No less important, Dasco encouraged everybody to adjust to the new ways of doing things while implementing COVID-19 mitigation protocol. Reflecting on the procedures that have been applied at the moment, he considered Soekarno-Hatta Airport ready to move towards the “new normal”.

"However, it is still necessary to anticipate the number of inbound and outbound passengers. The number of airport officers and check points for health and document verification needs to be recalculated in this regard. We also wish a Happy Eid Al-Fitr to all airport officers and all people of Indonesia. I would also advise them to maintain a healthy lifestyle, obey the COVID-19 mitigation protocol, wear face mask, wash hands, and keep a safe distance,” Dasco added.

The House COVID-19 Task Force conducted an inspection at Soekarno-Hatta Airport in Tangerang, on Saturday (5/23/2020) afternoon, to monitor the implementation of the Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) and COVID-19 Protocol in Terminal 2 and 3 of the Airport.

Accompanying the Vice Speaker in inspection were members of COVID-19 Task Force of the Indonesian House, Mr. Arteria Dahlan (PDI-P), Mr. Emanuel Melkiades Laka Lena (Golkar Party), Mr. Andre Rosiade (Gerindra Party), Mr. Habiburrokhman (Gerindra Party), Mr. Wihadi Wiyanto (Gerindra Party), Mr. Haryadi (Gerinda Party), Mr. Charles Meikyansyah (Nasdem Party), and Mr. Fauzi, H. Amro (Nasdem Party). (pun/es)

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