Foreign Affairs Ministry Requested to Clarify the Safety of Indonesians in Lebanon

05-08-2020 / KOMISI I

Vice Chairperson of Commission I of the House Abdul Kharis Almasyhari speaks during a meeting in Commission I of the House. Photo: Andri/Man


Vice Chairperson of Commission I of the House, the parliamentary standing committee on foreign affairs, Abdul Kharis Almasyhari expressed his deep sorrow following the massive explosion that shook Lebanon’s capital of Beirut, Tuesday (4/8/2020), which left at least 73 people dead and more than 3,000 others injured. 


"My deepest condolences to all the victims of the massive explosion, both who died and injured in the incident. Amidst the ongoing pandemic, the people of Lebanon have to endure yet another tragedy. I pray that Allah SWT grants them the strength in this difficult time," Almasyhari stated in his press statement, Wednesday (5/8/2020). 


In response to the incident, the Prosperous Justice Party (F-PKS) politician requested the Foreign Affairs Ministry to collect the data and clarify whether any Indonesian citizens were among the affected victims of the explosion, and immediately provide the required assistance as needed. 


According to the data from the Defense Ministry and Foreign Ministry, there are 1,234 Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) personnel in the Garuda contingent that are on duty in Lebanon to safeguard the demarcation of borders between Lebanon and Israel. There are also hundreds of Indonesian citizens who work in those countries. “I hope they were not around the blast site at that time and I hope they are all fine,” stated Almasyhari. 


Aside from the issue of the safety of Indonesian citizens, he also urged Indonesian government to provide assistance to Lebanon as a friendly country over the incident. He also pushed for a serious and thorough investigation because the blast was so massive. 


“Yesterday the Lebanese Prime Minister, Hassan Diab told the media that an estimated of 2,750 tons ammonium nitrate – a compound commonly used both in fertilizers and bombs – stored in a warehouse had caused the massive blast. I think Indonesia pushes the Lebanese Government to conduct a thorough investigation while still upholding the Lebanese sovereignty. The investigation is expected to reveal the cause of the deadly explosion to the Lebanese people and the world,” concluded Almasyhari. 


It was previously reported that the massive blast rocked the Port of Beirut, Lebanon, Tuesday (4/8/2020). The blast took 78 lives and injured approximately 4,000 people. Prime Minister Hassan Diab said in statement that 2,750 ammonium nitrate fertilizers had caused the incident. 

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