New and Renewable Energy Bill, a Parliamentary Effort in Responding to Climate Crisis

29-03-2021 / B.K.S.A.P.

Member of the Committee for Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (BKSAP DPR RI), Hon. Ms. Dyah Roro Esti (top-right) in the 8th Asia Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development, Tuesday (23/3/2021). Photo: Ist/nvl



Member of the Committee for Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation of the Indonesian House of Representatives (BKSAP DPR RI), Hon. Ms. Dyah Roro Esti, revealed that the Indonesian Parliament is deliberating the New and Renewable Energy (EBT) Bill as an effort to deal with the climate crisis facing the world.


“The EBT Bill is designed as a concrete move in the Indonesian regulatory framework in supporting clean and renewable energy. The deliberation of this Bill is set to finish by the end this year. In other words, this is an effort that proves Indonesia’s commitment to participating in the achievement of SDGs”, Esti stated in the 8th Asia Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development, Tuesday (23/3/2021).


In the forum, held by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN ESCAP), the UN commission engaged in economic and social development in Asia Pacific region, the Golkar Party politician reassured the world that Indonesia stays strongly committed to achieving environmental sustainability for today’s and future generation.


The virtual meeting invited youth delegates from around the globe in the discussion of different ways to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in each country that the delegates represented. Representing the Southeast Asian Youths was Ms. Dyah Roro Esti, along with the founder of Woman’s Entrepreneurship Development Fund from Kyrgyzstan, Ms. Asel Kubanychbekova, National Coordinator of the Mongolian Youth Council, Mr. Munkh-Erdene Davaajav, representative of the Ministry of Monitoring and Evaluation of the Republic of Vanuatu, Ms. Juliette Hakwa, and a Bangladeshi computer scientist, Ms. Nova Ahmed.


The forum was established to serve as a forum for youth leader representatives from all over the world and the UN Deputy Secretary-General, Amina Mohammed, who dedicates her work for the achievement of SDGs in different parts of the world to ensure a better world for the future generation. As the driving force and primary actors of the future, the youth are considered pioneers in the endeavours towards the achievement of SDGs targets.


Gathering some of the global key figures, the forum did not only serve as a discussion forum, but also a platform for exchanging information, allowing potential collaboration and synergy to take place among the youth representatives to work together in achieving a sustainable future of the world. (ayu/es)


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