Operation Room



In its 2000 Annual Session, the People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR RI) made a stipulation No. VIII/MPR/2000 on annual report of State Institutions. Chapter II of the report on recommendation, letter e. etc, it was stated that there is a need to promote the role of the House’s public relation in order to communicate, inform, and disseminate its activities to the public.


In addition, based on the decision of the Secretary General of the Indonesian House of Representatives No. 175/Sekjen/1994 on organization and working procedure of the Secretariat General of the Indonesian House of Representatives as has been amended several times, the latest was decision No. 400/SEKJEN/2005, the tasks of the Public Relations of the Public Relations and Publication Bureau are to conduct analysis on issues of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR RI) and matters related to public relations affairs.


To implement the aforementioned tasks, the Public Relations Division has the following functions:

  1. Preparing materials for public information.
  2. Distributing visitors who want to file public complaints.


The Implementation of Information Services


This task is handled by Sub-Division of Information of the Public Relations Division. Its tasks starts from receiving, classifying, distributing delegation from students, university students and public that conduct a study tour or research.


Next, the sub-division gives presentation regarding the working mechanism of DPR RI. In the last session of presentation, the visitors will be given; books about the Rules of Procedure of DPR RI, Leaflets, Magazines and Parlementaria Bulletins.


Right after the presentation, the sub division takes the visitors on a tour building. They will be escorted to take a look around the DPR RI Rooms and Building and will be given information regarding the history of DPR RI, the history of the buildings and the meaning of the ornaments attached to the buildings.


The Public Relation Division organizes public visit for visitors wishing to undertake study tours and take photo memories inside or outside the DPR RI buildings. The division also provides services for university students carrying out a research in compiling their papers and thesis. These students will be directed by the division to commissions, bureaus or commission/faction secretariats that best suit their research in order to have access to attend meetings in commissions and in plenary sessions. Should the areas of research be about public relation matters, the division provides these students an opportunity to conduct research/study or field research at the division.


Due to the unavailability of a dedicated room to receive students undertaking studies and researches or to receive any other visitors, the activities to receive all types of visitors are always hampered by a technical problem, i.e. all of the rooms are fully occupied by meetings. In that regard, a dedicated room with a detailed plan is needed to ensure an exact, accurate and good delivery of information, as well as to create administration orderliness. The room has been in operation until now and is called Operation Room.


What is Operation Room?


The use of the operation room is not only intended to receive public visit, but also to effectively organize the coordination and control public visit, especially to monitor and evaluate the development and the barriers of the implementation of the strategic activity.


The information and control room is called “Operation Room”. The room is equipped with high-quality audio-visual instruments, information and communication systems and excellent layout. The following are the brief description about the Operation Room:

  1. The room is used by the Leaders of DPR RI and Secretary General as a means of monitoring and controlling the organization of state’s life in general and favoring Indonesia’s development in particular, i.e. in communicating and disseminating the activities of DPR RI.
  2. With the sophisticated equipment supported by reliable supporting system like high information and communication technology, modern architecture and Building Automatic System, which have become the standard of a state institution, it is hoped that the problems of inappropriate information and communication that have long been the main barrier can be solved. In addition, accuracy and rapid delivery of information can be realized. Thus efforts to anticipate the worst situation can be well managed.


What are the benefits of the Operation Room of DPR RI?

  1. Facilitating and smoothing all public relations activities in order to promote the image of DPR RI;
  2. Accelerate the process and the preciseness of the Leadership’s decision making;
  3. Creating an integrated implementation of every Secretariat General of DPR RI’s activity (communication, integrity, and synchronization);
  4. Making the activities in the parliament dynamic, by communicating all of its activities.
  5. Establishing a better and reliable information system;
  6. Shaping a culture of a good delivery of information internally and externally.


What are in the Operation Room?


The Operation Room of DPR RI comprises of:

  1. Main Chamber
  2. Executive Lounge
  3. Secretariat Room
  4. Operator Room
    1. Main Chamber: is the main room where all of the facilities to deliver the information are placed, such as: audio visual equipment and 200 chairs, excluding 5 chairs in the podium for the presenters.
    2. Executive Lounge: is a VIP and VVIP room adjacent to the main Chamber.
    3. Secretariat Room: is a room for the staffs/officials that use the operation room and for placing additional office equipments.
    4. Operator Room: is located upstairs. Only Public Relations personnel that are on duty may enter the room. Nobody without permission from the Public Relations personnel will be allowed to enter the room in order to avoid the misuse of equipment.


Who can use the Operation Room?


The users are:

  1. The Leadership of DPR RI
  2. The Leadership of Commissions (and/or the Leadership of other Complementary Organs)
  3. Members of DPR RI
  4. Secretariat General of DPR-RI


The Operation Room is only used for the activities of the House and its Secretariat General.


What are the Opening Hours of the Operation Room?


The Operation Room is open in accordance with the working hours of the Secretariat General of DPR RI, that is:

MONDAY - FRIDAY: from 09.00 until 16.00

The Operation Room is subject to closure if there is a group of visitors who have been scheduled in advanced.