About the House


Factions are the grouping of members according to the configuration of the political Parties that won seats in the elections. Faction shall be independent in nature and formed in connection with the optimum and effective performance of the task and obligations, exercise of authorities and right of the House.


Every Member shall be a Member of a faction while the leadership of a faction is decided by the faction itself.


Factions shall have the task to coordinate the activities of its Members in the implementation the tasks and powers of the House and to improve the capacity, discipline, effectiveness and efficiency of the respective members in the performance of tasks as reflected on each House activity. Each faction shall have not less than 13 (thirteen) Members.


No. Nama Fraksi Jumlah Anggota Persentase
1 Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle Faction 128 22,26
2 Golkar Party Faction 85 14,78
3 Great Indonesia Movement Party Faction 78 13,57
4 National Democrat Party Faction 59 10,26
5 National Awakening Party Faction 58 10,09
6 Democrat Party Faction 54 9,39
7 Prosperous Justice Party Faction 50 8,70
8 National Mandate Party Faction 44 7,65
9 United Development Party Faction 19 3,30
TOTAL : 575 100,0