History of the Indonesian House of Representatives

The Indonesian House of Representatives has undergone several changes from the colonial era to the Central Indonesian National Committee (KNIP) period. The three major periods include:

  1. Volksraad
  2. Struggle for the National Independence
  3. The Central Indonesian National Committee (KNIP)

In summary, they can be described as follows:

In the Dutch colonial period, a parliament-equivalent institution called Volskraad was established by the Dutch government. By March 8th 1942, the Dutch ended their 350 years of colonization in Indonesia. The following transition to Japanese colonization had automatically annulled Volskraad, and not too long after that, the struggle for independence period followed.

The history of the Indonesian House of Representatives began when the Indonesian Central Indonesian National Committee was established by the President on August 29th 1945 (12 days after the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence) in Kesenian Building, Pasar Baru, Jakarta. KNIP’s inauguration date (August 29) has been since then set as the anniversary of the Indonesian House. The first session of KNIP resulted with the formation of leaders as follows:

  • Speaker : Mr. Kasman Singodimedjo
  • Vice Speaker I : Mr. Sutardjo Kartohadikusumo
  • Vice Speaker II : Mr. J. Latuharhary
  • Vice Speaker III : Adam Malik

Periods of the Indonesian House of Representatives

1The Central Indonesian National Committee (KNIP)Aug. 29th 1945 – Feb. 15th 1950
2The Indonesian House and the Republic of the United States of Indonesia (Republik Indonesia Serikat)Feb. 15th 1950 – Aug. 16th 1950
3The Temporary House of Representatives (DPRS)Aug. 16th 1950 – Mar. 26th 1956
4The Indonesian House - First General ElectionMar. 26th 1956 – Jul. 22nd 1959
5The Indonesian House after the Presidential DecreeJul. 22nd 1959 – Jun. 26th 1960
6The Indonesian House - Mutual Assistance (DPR GR)Jun. 26th 1960 – Nov. 15th 1965
7DPR GR minus the Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI)Nov. 15th 1965 – Nov. 19th 1966
8DPR GR - New Order eraNov. 19th 1966 – Oct. 28th 1971
9The Indonesian House – 2nd General ElectionOct. 28th 1971 – Oct. 1st 1977
10The Indonesian House – 3rd General ElectionOct. 1st 1977 – Oct. 1st 1982
11The Indonesian House – 4th General ElectionOct. 1st 1982 – Oct. 1st 1987
12The Indonesian House – 5th General ElectionOct. 1st 1987 – Oct. 1st 1992
13The Indonesian House – 6th General ElectionOct. 1st 1992 – Oct. 1st 1997
14The Indonesian House – 7th General ElectionOct. 1st 1997 – Oct. 1st 1999
15The Indonesian House – 8th General ElectionOct. 1st 1999 – Oct. 1st 2004
16The Indonesian House – 9th General ElectionOct. 1st 2004 – Oct. 1st 2009
17The Indonesian House – 10th General ElectionOct. 1st 2009 – Oct. 1st 2014
18The Indonesian House – 11th General ElectionOct. 1st 2014 – Oct. 1st 2019